Extended History


1850 – Pioneers came to Paint Creek

? – Organized Congregation

1851 – Built and started school

1852 – Requested Pastor from Norway or elsewhere

1853 – Pastor Urek Vilhelm Koren was called to Paint Creek and Washington Prairie Parish

1/1/1854 – First sermon by Pastor Koren in the log house of Syver Vold (former Lester Busness home, 1058 Chestnut Road Waterville, IA)

1854 – Log church built

1855 – Paint Creek joined Norwegian Synod

1858 – Congregation was divided into East and West Paint Creek due to growth

1862 – Pastor Koren resigned East and West Paint Creek churches because of being overworked. He continued at Washington Prairie

1862-79 – Called Pastor Ove Jakob Hjort from Norway

1880-86 – Pastor Hagert A. Hartmann

1877 – Predestination issue started in the Norwegian synod by Professor F. A. Schmidt. Pastor Hartmann supported Professor Schmidts’ view

1882 – Complaints lodged against Pastor Hartmann for teaching false doctrine (predestination issue)

1883 – Pastor Hartmann forced a vote on the issue at West Painst Creek. Pastor Koren held a visitation.

1/14/1885 – Pastor Koren held meeting with East Paint Creek after Pastor Hartmann forced a vote (predestination issue)

1/26/1885 – Minority sent district president Koren a complaint against Pastor Hartmann

2/18/1885 – President Koren brought District Council along. Pastor Hartmann did not believe they had a right to be present. Refused to meet.

6/3/1885 – Iowa District of Norwegian Synod Convention. Synod declared that no congregation has the right to accept a new Confession where there are members that are against it (predestination issue)

7/15/1885 – District Church Council, in accordance with the Synod’s mandate, came for visitation. Pastor Hartmann did not announce the meeting and refused to meet. The Council and the minority met elsewhere. Pastor Hartmann was suspended.

1885-88 – Served by President Koren’s assistant, Pastor Andreas Kittelsen Sagan

1888-1901 – Pastor Michael Olsen Borge. Reorganized under Borge 

1890 – East Paint Creek church built 


1891 – West Paint Creek church built 


1901 – Parsonage built 


1901-04 – Pastor Simon Aslakson Scarvie called and ordained (first resident in parsonage after split) 


1905 – Congregations celebrated 50th Anniversary of joining the Norwegian Synod 


1905-08 – Pastor Zakarias Johannesen Ordal 


1908-17 – Pastor Lauritz Seman Guttebo 


1917 – Predestination controversy tears apart Norwegian Synod 


1918 – Reconstituted Synod formed, now Evangelical Lutheran Synod, ELS 


1918-46 – Pastor Joseph Bernhard Unseth 


1919 – Paint Creek churches join ELS under Pastor Unseth 


1947-51 – Pastor Arvid Gullerud 


1952-56 – Pastor Levine Hagen 


1957-64 – Pastor Walther Gullixson 


1964-66 – Pastor Neil Hilton 


1964 – Churches decide on joint service, alternating between East and West Paint Creek Churches 


1967-69 – Pastor Willard Olson 


1970 – Pastor Milton E. Tweit served as vacancy Pastor with Vicar John Smith 


1971-73 – Pastor John Smith 


1973-74 – Pastor Thomas Mickelson 


1974-81 – Pastor Milton E. Tweit 


1981-83 – Pastor Otto Trebelhorn 


1984-85 – Pastor Milton Tweit and Vicar Mark DeGarmeaux 


1985-88 – Pastor Mark DeGarmeaux 


1988-94 – Vicars served 


1994-2000 – Pastor Paul G. Madson 


2000-05 – Pastor Harvey Abrahamson

2003 - East and West Paint Creek Synod Churches vote to try holding services in town.

2004 - East Paint Creek Synod congregation voted to go back to their church building and the West Paint Creek Synod voted to continue services in town. The result of this vote was a split between the two congregations. The congregration that stayed in town then voted to change the name to King of Grace.

2005 - New building was purchased in town at 101 2nd St. NW Waukon, IA.


2006-2010 – Pastor J. Kincaid Smith

2008-2009 - Pastor J. Kincaid Smith and Vicar Christian Eisenbeis

2009-2010 - Pastor J. Kincaid Smith and Vicar Joshua Skogen

2010-2012 - Pastor Joshua Skogen

2013-present - Pastor Ronald Pederson